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As the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo is a practical and quiet one. Virgo is also deeply reflective and gives everything careful thought. Virgo is also quietly spiritual, making the Hermit card the ideal card to symbolize Virgo. The Hermit moves slowly and takes the time to find the answers within.

  1. Here is a list of the 12 Major Arcana Cards and their Star sign correspondence:;
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  4. Reference Tables: Tarot & Astrological Correspondences Plus Timing | Abella Arthur, Occultist.

If you see the Hermit appear in a reading a message from or about Virgo is possible. You also may see the Knight of Pentacles arrive in your reading if a message from Virgo is relevant to your question.

Understanding Your Deck

Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign and known to rule peace and harmony. Libra hates conflict and presides over it graciously. Thus, Libra is marked by the Justice Card in Tarot, symbolizing balance and the scales of justice and diplomacy. If Justice appears in your reading, Libra energy could be important for your question. You may also see the Queen of Swords appear when you need an answer about Libra.

Mess with a Scorpio and hell hath no fury, but they will cut you out in a heartbeat before they explain why, and even without explaining why because Scorpio flees drama.

Tarot and astrology in the minor arcana

Scorpio can be dramatic but chops it out of their life quickly. If you see Death appear then In Your Tarot reading, be not alarmed. You may just have some Scorpio energy making a play. Scorpio is about powerful transformations and the Death card brings this promise, as well as the promise of a sunny horizon. Sagittarius learns about the big mysteries of the world by exploring it, and most often through travel. This makes Temperance the card that symbolizes Sagittarius. Temperance denotes harmony and balance and a constant flow of energy and unconditional love.

When Temperance appears in your Tarot reading you may be getting a message about Sagittarius. The Knight of Wands, also a traveler or someone with foreign connections may also be a sign of Sagittarius in your Tarot reading. Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth Sign and this makes them born leaders. Capricorn is also traditional and does things the right way, or not at all, most of the time.

It’s All Connected! The Importance of Numerology in the Tarot

Sometimes the Devil gets the better of them making the Devil card the card that symbolizes Capricorn. The Devil card asks you to release these shadow acts, but could also simply mean a Capricorn is near with a message. You may also see the King of Pentacles appear to symbolize Capricorn in your Tarot reading. Aquarius is the Fixed Air Sign ruled by Uranus.

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This makes Aquarius a little quirky and out of this world on occasion. The Star Card marks just that, wonderful surprises in store that are truly out of this world. In a good way. The arrival of the Star in your reading could suggest an important Aquarius in your life and sends the message that beautiful things are pending in your world.


Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign and thus one of the most emotional zodiac signs. Sometimes their emotions are all over the place, and when that happens Pisces usually retreats. If you see the Moon Card appear in your Tarot then, Pisces energy may be near. The Moon card represents a pulling back from a situation to see the bigger picture.

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Often information is missing or not available to the querant at the time of the reading. The Moon could however simply represent a Pisces as the source of that needed information.

Mystery School Lesson 87: Tarot Minor Arcana: Astrological Correspondences

Sometimes Pisces is also symbolizes by the Knight of Cups bearing messages of love. The great thing about tarot cards is that anyone can become a reader. Let us know in the comments below, if you have any questions about zodiac signs in your Tarot reading.

And provide your tips for newcomers! These can include major arcana elements, major arcana astrology, numerology and other correspondences depending upon the tarot techniques you are using or plan on using as you learn to read tarot for yourself. The colour coding of the tables is particularly helpful when you are learning the major arcana elements, either to understand the connection between the four elements and the tarot , or if you plan on learning how to use elemental dignities in your tarot readings.

The major arcana correspondencs below are taken from the tarot card meanings section and give you an at-a-glance tool to help you see the major arcana correspondences in one place. Looking at the major arcana correspondences also helps refresh your memory as you work through the whole tarot deck. For the purposes of learning to read tarot for yourself, as a beginner, or as a tarot reader who is adding to their tarot toolkit, the following major arcana correspondencs will be more than sufficient. These major arcana correspondences can also work as a handy reference guide when you are doing a reading, over the internet, on the phone, or via email.

Tarot Correspondences by T. Susan Chang | STAR + SPLENDOR

Sometimes your mind goes blank when you are doing a live tarot reading and having the core information at hand helps you overcome minor stumbling blocks while you are reading tarot for others. Timing Events Using Tarot also shows you how to obtain a time frame from the planetary trumps. They have between them many similarities, but also many differences. Aside from their often differing tarot card meanings, the order of the major arcana, or tarot trumps, changed when Arthur Edward Waite created his deck with Pamela Coleman Smith.

My understanding is that he never really explained why, but it is not difficult to see his logic when you look at the cards in a correspondence chart.

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  • Arthur Waite switched the position of the Strength and Justice cards. Justice was traditionally numbered 8, with Strength numbered But as you can see with the first major arcana correspondence chart, Strength is numbered 8, with Justice numbered