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Life is amazing how cycles will align. The seemingly random movements of celestial bodies produce a staccato and then melodious symphony, rhythms emerging about of apparent chaos. One such particular note strikes this month as two outer planets make simultaneous These are features that reflect the current lurid allegations that he is being criminally prosecuted for.

Looking at Epstein's horoscope is of course not an indictment July looks much like June ; a lot of planets lining up with Saturn and Ketu. There is a coming together of people and situations, but there may not be resultant happiness therein, at least not until down the road some. Things take time, and it seems like we Around mid-month this June we have a very intense line up of malefic planets.

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The theme would seem to be intense urgency and also very likely to include relationships. Wednesday, May 1 Outlooks darkened and opportunities seemingly suppressed can oppress the spirit, yet at the same time be the proverbial last straw to cause you to break out of the old accepted limitations on yourself.

Something starting out as not seeming so well Monday, April 1 No peaking influences Tuesday, April 2 Aspirational highs and emotional depth are the range today.