Capricorn birthday horoscope january 7

If your birthday is on January 7, then we have to tell you a lot about this date.

January 7, 1955 Birthday Facts

As you already know, your zodiac sign is Capricorn, but there are also many other things that are related to January 7. If you are interesting in astrological meanings of January 7, you should read this article. We are sure that you will find something interesting about your zodiac sign and about your own characteristics.

First of all we have to say that the astrological symbol of people born on January 7 is Goat. Actually, this symbol is a symbol of abundance and strength and it represents all people born between December 22 and January Of course, you should know that Capricorn is actually the latin name that is defining a goat.

Another interesting fact that you should know is that the sign opposite of Capricorn is Cancer. The planet that is ruling this zodiac sign is Saturn, but later in this text you will have the opportunity to find more about it. If you are born under January 7 zodiac sign, then your tarot card is the Chariot, which is a symbol of positive attitude and thoughts, but also a symbol of a hard work and persistence.

Now you will see something more about your zodiac sign and its symbolism. We will tell you something more about the characteristics of people born under January 7 zodiac sign and you will also find out what are their lucky numbers, lucky days and other lucky symbols. If you are born on January 7 or a person who is important to you is born under this zodiac sign, then you should read this article.

If you were born on January 7, then you must be a hardworking person, who is accepting all new opportunities with excitement. Apart from that, you are a very responsible person and you never give up from your goals. You are ready to work hard to achieve them and you are trying to keep a positive attitude in all situations.

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The element that is connected with the Capricorn zodiac sign is Earth. Having that in mind, it means that you are also strongly connected with this element. Also, your important traits are your pragmatism and your realistic views. Your goals are practical and realistic, so it is possible to reach them. When it comes to the Planets, it is important to say that you are ruled by Saturn, but Venus will also have a little influence on your life. How can you recognize the influence of Saturn on your life?

Well, the characteristics that are typical in this case are your discipline and determination.

January 7 Birthday Personality

Saturn rules you and this planet makes you become organized. On the other side, people born on January 7 are also influenced by Venus. This planet is usually a symbol of your sense for beauty and also your sociability. If you are born on January 7, it means that you are influenced by the combination of these two planets, which means that you are a very social person.

You have a lot of friends and you love to spend time with them. When it comes to love, you are ready to give your all attention to a loved person. Now you will see something more about the love life of people born on January 7. Best of all, the more they do things, the better they get at them.

They pay a lot of attention to the art of mastery. They are very easily oppressed. They prefer the tried and proven; even if that is a very emotionally negative space like a dysfunctional relationship, they will hang on. They are very fearful people regarding change. In many cases, this is why their relationships are very uneven. Still, given their hardheadedness and tremendous diligence, they seem to almost always make it work.

Absolutely everything there is to know about Capricorns

Only allow yourself to fall in love with or become partners with people who give you the respect and value you deserve. Something is real only to the extent that they can verify it and pick it up with their senses. Saturn also gives you internal fortitude.


You are not going to be faced with a challenge that you cannot intrinsically overcome. You have a lot to give. You have a tremendous ability to keep pushing forward until you achieve the big prizes of life.

January 7 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 2

It would almost blend naturally with all other colors and environments. These qualities of the color gray describe you very closely. People born within the 7th January zodiac, under the Capricorn star sign, have superb intelligence and a remarkable eye for detail. Because there can be low self-esteem in this zodiac sign, people born on 7th January might over-share their plans to others, and in the worst-case scenario have their inventive strategies stolen so others can take the credit.

The risk of being hurt is what makes love thrilling, and by trying to exert the otherwise superb ability for control present in the 7th January zodiac over love itself, things can only come to a standstill. Thirdly, tying a little into the first point, people who are born on 7th January need to appreciate and love themselves more, and have some self-respect! A lot of people like to take shortcuts. A lot of them would try to make fun of you because you take life seriously.

Just like in the old fable of the grasshopper and the ant, they may have enjoyed their rewards now, but you will enjoy your rewards long into the future.

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Username or Email Address. This is why; all birth numbers or birthdates come into the scale of 1 to 9 and respond to the numbers given to the 9 planets of the solar system.

January 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

A person born on the 7, 16 and 25 of a month is as similar a number 7, as if they had been born on the 7. There characteristics vary according to the corresponding planet in the zodiac system.

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