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Geminis like to be in the here and now, and Cancer has a fondness for reliving and revisiting the past, which could cause some tension in a relationship between the two.

Are Taurus and Gemini Compatible? (Yes! Here's Why)

Cancers tend to act from the heart, and Geminis tend to act from the head, so both would need to make a huge effort to see the perspective of the other one. Gemini and Leo would probably have an almost instant attraction and appreciation for each other. They both come to life around other people, they're both captivating and fun, and both love drama and vibrancy, even when they have to bring it themselves. However, Leo is more grounded and stable than Gemini.

Geminis like a lot of variety and tend to be constantly searching for their life-path, whereas Leo is solid, determined, and knows exactly what path they're headed on.

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Leos like praise, and while Gemini has a gift with compliments and nice things to say, they can be quite the verbal tease which could irritate Leo. Also, Gemini's constant balls in the air could make focusing challenging which doesn't go with Leo's laser-like intensity on areas of their life.

Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Gemini

There may be some bumps in the road, but ultimately, these two signs should get along quite well. How much arguing is foreplay? Because there two signs argue a lot.

It's not all negative — a good difference of opinion and a fiery discussion can get the juices flowing, so to speak. Both signs are extremely intelligent and natural communicators. Gemini can be a little too careless and lazy for Virgo's liking, and Virgo a little judgmental and uptight for Gemini. Gemini may get annoyed with Virgo's refusal to take risks or to be spontaneous and do something just because it's fun.

Both Gemini and Virgo are more rational than emotional and love exploring new ideas. These two signs get along very well. They love to heart-to-heart conversations, make each other laugh, and they almost always have a good time together. Neither is fantastic at making decisions, so that could cause delays on important matters such as wedding dates.

Both have tend to procrastinate but Libra will feel guilty about not finishing something, while Gemini will push it out of their mind. Gemini and Libra are both fond of entertaining, socializing, and going out. Geminis have a harder time with commitment and Libra might not be interested in a more open relationship , so that's where there could be some conflict. Besides both these signs being brilliant, they don't have a lot in common which could make them very attractive to each other.

Geminis are fairly open about who they are while Scorpio tends to be more mysterious and circumspect. Gemini likes to leave their options open whereas when Scorpio gets attached there's very little that can disengage them. However, both are very passionate and have incredible sex drives, making the sexual dynamic between the two off the charts. Scorpio can be a little too emotional for Gemini's liking, and Gemini's permissiveness may cause some friction and have an adverse effect on the relationship. These two signs get along great!

What Signs Are Compatible With Gemini?

The best thing about Virgo and Gemini relationship is the protection they can give each other. The virgin has to let the twins dedicate themselves willingly to the relationship first.

If they do this, they can have a satisfying relationship for both of them. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Virgo personality has a very solemn nature to them. Gemini is unrestricted.

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Because of this, the twins could be scared away early in the relationship before they have even had a chance to really bond with the virgin. Virgo will need to be patient and not expect Gemini to dedicate themselves to the relationship right away.

The Gemini man or Gemini woman will be more than happy to devote themselves to the relationship. But they will need to do it when they are ready and not when someone demands them to. The twins find freedom very important and the virgin will need to accept that and honor it.

The twins tend to have delicate ideas. The virgin can help bring wisdom to those ideas and help solidify them once the Virgo Gemini compatibility is established. The Virgo man or Virgo woman will get a much needed lighten up element from Gemini. The healer will be able to loosen up because of this and take care of others and their own issues better.

The Virgo and Gemini friendship can benefit when they are compatible, but it will not be easily reached. Virgo and Gemini in bed in a physical relationship will be a strange mix of fun and shyness. Virgo is an earth sign and can be very sexy, but only when they feel safe and loved.

Virgo will not be seduced or courted by Gemini, but the twins will bring happiness and enthusiasm to their sexual relationship. There is the potential for passion to burn hot between these two eventually. However, like everything else in the Virgo Gemini marriage, this does not come easily. Any compatibility Virgo and Gemini have in their physical relationship will be more of a bonus than the main concentration of their everyday relationship.

They can both be flexible and adjust easily. This will help their relationship because it means they have better odds of learning about how each other works.

Gemini & Aries

They should be more willing to compromise. The issue with Virgo and Gemini both being mutable zodiac signs is that neither one of them will immediately take charge. The virgin and the twins share a relationship that is truly equal and this can be very nice to see. At the same time, someone needs to step up and make the decisions in their relationship.

Virgo dating Gemini can spend hours, days, or weeks talking about something over and over again before they finally manage to make a decision. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! In the Virgo and Gemini compatibility , both have very different ways of looking at life. Because of this, they might think accepting each other will be hard.

Virgo can be judgmental and demanding. Virgo will not be able to tolerate the twin being restless. Both Virgo and Gemini lovers will be able to learn a lot from each other. If your Venus in Virgo lover begins to question your sincerity and constancy, remind your partner how much you appreciate your relationship. Thoughtfulness might make all the difference!

Gemini Astrology Sign in Love and Relationships

Together, you will enjoy some fabulous conversations. There can be considerable respect between you. You may wonder why your partner seems to need you to spend a lot of time together. Most of the time, however, you are both speaking the same language! Together, you may not be able to make decisions easily, and you may lack mutual, practical goals. Nevertheless, this relationship can contain markedly less of the jealousy that undermines many other pairings, and cooperating with each other is a piece of cake! Click for Yearly Forecast Specials.