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Is your lover a friend too, Taurus—or vice versa?

Today's Horoscope

Venus beautifies your friendship zone on Tuesday, blurring the lines between the two. On Thursday, Mercury Retrograde also ends in this space, helping you clear the air on conflict with friends so you can find common ground. Then, Mars enters your income sector—go fight for your worth and security, and get that raise! Hey, beauty queen!

Mars enters Gemini on Sunday, so be sure to advocate for yourself, your independence, and your freedom wherever you need it most. Flex those boundary muscles, and keep it all the way real with anyone who crosses them. International lover? Venus lights up your travel and education zone, helping your heart beat fast for the exotic and the intellectual. Mercury ends its retrograde in the same space on Thursday, so you can see what brilliance and wisdom you can contribute in the areas that need it.

Mars enters your completion, healing, and surrender sector on Sunday, so you can lean on a spiritual practice to let go of fear and worry. Venus is electrifying your intimacy, erotic, and transformative zone on Tuesday. You want to bond deeply and sexually with another. Mercury ends its retrograde in that sector on Thursday, helping you feel more adaptable and comfortable with intimacy.

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Mars enters your friendship space on Sunday, which places you in leadership positions among them and could make conflict likely—avoid petty drama! Ready for romance, Virgo? Venus enters your love and partnership arena on Tuesday, helping you invite or deepen the intimacy you crave.

Then on Thursday, Mercury Retrograde ends in this zone, so your optimism and efforts in this area will return swiftly. Mars moves into your career sector on Sunday, so assert your independence and worthiness at work. Does it spark joy, Libra? Now is the time to clarify issues. Fun getaways and vacations look promising! Why not have it all? You have an agenda plus you want to refine your techniques and reorganize your life to make it run more smoothly. You want as much free time as possible to fun instead of working with less efficiency, which means working more for less results.

Step one is to de-clutter your home or your office, which is a wise idea because more than any other sign, you are affected by your surroundings. This month promises pleasure and fun-filled times at sports events and social outings. Enjoy schmoozing, especially in a flirtatious way. Grab a vacation because you want to have a good time and the freedom to do your own thing! You will also appreciate your surroundings more than usual and realize just how much love there is in your daily world.

Nevertheless, with fiery Mars opposite your sign, you must be patient with those who are closest to you. This month you cannot ignore home and family. Many of you will be more involved than usual with a parent. You might also attend to home repairs.


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Family discussions are on the menu; plus you yourself will want to cocoon more at home and relax. Having said that, fiery Mars will give you lots of energy to work; and Venus might give you a raise.

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It will certainly encourage you to spend money on beautiful things and activities that please you. Brace yourself for a fast-paced, busy month full of short trips, errands, appointments plus more time spent with siblings, relatives and neighbours.

The moon is in Virgo today.

Of course, you want to be free to do your own thing, which is why you will explore romance and fun times. Make note that this is an excellent time to buy wardrobe items for yourself. Do this because you care about the image you project on your world. Naked people have little or no influence on society. Take stock of what you own. Do you own your belongings — or do they own you? Because you want greater control of your life through your money and possessions, you might buy or acquire things to get better organized.

You can think of ways to boost your earnings; and yet, at the same time, you might feel possessive about what you have. This month is all about you dear Pisces because the Sun is in your sign. We will disclose information only to the extent necessary to comply with the purpose of the request. This data is not personal information and so will not identify you personally. We may share information with companies that provide support services to us, such as a printer, mailing house, fulfillment-company, credit card processor, email service provider or web host, amongst others.

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