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How to Find Your Starseed Markings (Truth Revealed!)

Sagittarius in these signs can be a good intuition or visionary indicator. Aquarius and Taurus can either be an indication against starseed traits because of stubbornness OR an indication of developed intuition. Aquarius and Pisces has a similar effect in Jupiter. A Cancer Saturn gives very strong psychic tendencies with other support.

People born in the Pluto in Scorpio or Sagittarius generations are also more likely to be born in the starseed waves, especially those incarnated as Indigo and Crystal Children. Planetary Aspects: There are SO many of these, it would take up too much room to list them all so see in the sources at the bottom! Degrees of Planets: If there is a very obvious allignment of 24 - 27 degrees in your planets, this is said to be a strong indication of Pleiadean Lineage. Grand Trines: A grand water trine is a great indicator of psychic ability. Mystic Rectangle : If the rectangle includes Uranus and Neptune.

Wedge: If the midheaven, Jupiter or Uranus is the connecting planet for the trine and sextile. Bowl or Locomotive: Strong lightworker indicator. Cluster Chart: Strong Indigo Child indicator. Splash Chart: An even display of the planets spread out across the chart.

Star Seed codes were designed and imprinted, in part to help remind us what we forgot, but also as a conduit for communication, either silent or direct. There is much interference in our world, and many of us have become entangled and drawn into "the way it all is" and have lost our way.

These codes are like internal beacons; lifelines to our Natural State and the Beings that designed them.

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When we get out of balance and stressed , we can't receive the help that's waiting or complete our missions. Because you have special abilities and awareness, your problems aren't like everyone else's.

You suspect you may be a "Star Person" or "Star Seed", but how do you know for sure? Maybe you are a Walk-In, Lightworker or Indigo, but what's next? You require very specialized guidance and information , and that's what we have for you.

How Do We Know About Starseeds?

Based on your natal astrological chart, we first confirm that your star markings are there. All Star Seed, Lightworkers and Indigos have different combinations of these codes, but we all have them. They match your genetically coded DNA. These codes are the frequencies our "star parents" use to stay connected to us.

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The fascinating story of their discovery is only one part of a journey so profound that it is currently the subject of an upcoming book and movie called "Crack Between The Worlds". We offer three kinds of service: Stage1.

Starseed Markings in your Birth Chart

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Cosmic Origins of Earth's Humanity

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Cosmic Numerology - Your Starseed Heritage & Origin