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Already have an account? Didn't receive the SMS? Resend by Call. Don't have account? They are very essential for maintaining the health of every man in India. But there is another, a supreme type of butter, a knowledge of which is essential for every man, especially in India. That butter is that of Atma! Do you know how to churn the Koshas and take the butter of Atma?

Please let me know the process. The five sheaths of the body represent the vessel that holds curd. OM is the churning rod. Practise meditation on OM with Brahma Bhavana. You will soon get the butter of Atma which will make you immortal and ever blissful. I shall practise this spiritual churning to eat the butter of Atma and become immortal.

Sri H. Ram Ram Ram, D.


Botany had just returned from America after getting his D. He elaborately described the glories of life in America. How to remove America? I can very well remove my suit.

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Abhiman which is more dangerous. Forget about the glamour of America; give up this D. But it is rather difficult, for they are ingrained in me for a very long time. Singing Kirtan and Japa of Nam will bestow perennial joy and supreme inner peace on you; but you can realise this only if you practise. Only when man gets knocks and blows in the daily battle of life will he turn to God. Why not thank God for His mercies and adore him in every form. We earn money, we work and support the family. So, we are all Karma Yogins. What do people know about the secret and technique of Karma Yoga?

They are attached to their families; they waste their lives on earning for the sake of their bellies, and imagine that they are doing Karma Yoga. What do they know of Karma Yoga?

Ennapadam Bhagavati

Karma Yoga is different. You should give up Abhimana. You should renounce Kartritwa and Bhoktritwa: you should identify yourself with the Atman. It will purify you. Combine this with Japa, Kirtan, Dhyana. Then you will realise the Bliss. Then you will have ample opportunities for doing intense Sadhana. Sri Pattawardhan, Ph. Saheb, everybody wants to become a Ph. The play of Maya, and the Gunas; what happiness is; what the mind is; what the relation between man and Brahman is; how to get eternal bliss; how to free oneself from bondage.

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He does not believe in the life everlasting, beyond the senses, in transcendental matters. Everybody wants to have wife, some children, bungalows, gardens, a car and money in the bank.

His mental current naturally flows towards objects. He is not able to believe that the repetition of Nam can produce joy and inner peace. What will you do in old age? You will not be able to see; how can you read holy books like the Gita and other scriptures? You will not be able to sit at a place and do Japa; you will not be able to control the Indriyas; Sadhana will be impossible.

You will waste all your life in useless pursuits and turn when it is too late to the proper path. Why do you bother about this? Your mind tricks and wants to dupe you. The Omnipotent Lord will create another batch of people in a minute. Mind your business! Enquire and remove your ignorance. The two Sivanandas exchanged greetings.